Bouldering in Brecksville

Me and two friends from my local climbing gym decided to get outside and enjoy the great fall weather and hike around Brecksville. I had been to a few of these spots before but came away with much better shots and was pretty happy with them. Plus, any day climbing outside with friends is a great day. Thanks for looking!


2015 Browns home opener

It's the start of another season! There's been a lot of changes to the Browns. New uniforms, new players and new coaches just to name a few. One of the more unknown new changes though was the interior of the stadium this year. Last year, a lot of effort went into renovating the face of the stadium. This year, nearly every surface inside was upgraded to give the interior a more modern design.

And so for our home opener, I spent a lot of time documenting all the new changes, which left little time to get out onto the field to check out the action that led to an exciting and much needed win! Here are a few frames from it - enjoy and thanks for looking!


Browns vs Colts

I'm a week late getting these out but I wanted to share some of the images from last week's game against the Colts. Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are two amazing players I was looking forward to photographing in action. Earlier in the game I was joking with my boss saying I usually get better shots of the away team. A few minutes later I was parked in the endzone shooting down the sideline and got the sequence of a bomb from Luck to Hilton. Hilton had some shifty moves and got in the endzone and celebrated right in front of me.

It was a thrilling game but sadly we lost. Aside from the lose, it was a great game with some great light and probably my favorite of the season - minus the loss to my Browns. But in Cleveland spirit though, there's always next year. Thanks for looking.