Fall Boulder League

I shot again for the boulder league at Cleveland Rock Gym over late October. Here are a handful of my favorite shots from the comp. Big thanks to CRG and all the great climbers.


Browns mid-season

I'm half way through another season at the Cleveland Browns and it's been a great year so far! We've already won more games than I thought we would all year and each game has been down to the wire. I've been able to get more time for action on the field but still have other events I help with. Here's just a handful that I've got so far this year.

Thanks for looking and go Browns!


Bouldering in Brecksville

I've been getting into climbing and bouldering photography lately. Being in Ohio, especially Northeast, I didn't expect there'd be much climbing to find outdoors. However, I asked a few friends from my local climbing gym to show me around to a few spots I had heard about. Unfortunately, I sliced my finger pretty good about a week ago and couldn't climb much myself, but that let me focus on trying to get some shots. It was a fun challenge trying to set up and visualize how the routes would play out. Also, my flash died on me half way through the night and made for some technical troubles, but we were able to muster up a little extra light using Chad's headlamps. It was a fun night and can't wait to get some more climbing shots, especially outdoors, soon. Thanks for looking!


Boulder League wrap up

I finished up my first bouldering league Tuesday at Cleveland Rock Gym and what a great time. It was a great three weeks of climbing. I saw a lot of the climbers I photographed, as well as myself improve, thanks to other climbers. CRG is a great reflection of the climbing community. For the past three weeks it's been my sanctuary and escape to get out of my cave of a studio at work. I'm hoping once it finally warms up here in Ohio that I'll make it outside with some of the good people I met these last three weeks. Thanks for looking.


Boulder League - Week 1

I've been trying to climb more often. At OU I'd climb about every other day and loved it. There is a great gym for it here in Cleveland that hosts a bouldering league every few months. I offered to take some photos during it. Technically, it's a nightmare. It's in a big, very dim warehouse with poor lighting. But, I love the feeling of shooting something I enjoy so much. There's obviously a lot of vertical space to play around with and everyone competing, I use that term very loosely, is laid back and there to help each other progress and get better. Right now I only have one flash I'm able to take off camera and ordered a small softbox attachment for it, which should hopefully be in before next weeks event. Also, some of the climbers have gym balls between their legs as an extra challenge. If you climb a route with out dropping it you receive bonus points. Enjoy!

Browns 2013 season

I forgot I still had this site for awhile. I've been in a schedule at my job and don't get out of the studio much anymore, except for the Browns. It was a rough season to say the least, but pretty much like any other season. There were a few moments of confidence and optimism, but they were largely over shadowed by what-ifs and if-onlys. Most of the time I'm at the stadium I'm running around to nearly all areas of it at some point, which leaves little time to shoot the actual game. But here are just a handful from the last season. Thanks for looking, and like any Cleveland sports fan will tell you, "there's always next year."